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Butthair shaving for beginners

They call it “butt hair” … the hair around your anus is a pain in the ass and it’s always in the way.

Of course it’s a tad awkward to write about butt hair shaving, but every year thousands suffer from this problem – and haven’t found the solution to shaving their butt hair yet.

How to shave your butt safely, comfortably and responsibly? You’ll find out in this article. Let’s start at the beginning:

Why you should shave your butt hair

There is no right or wrong about having hair between your buttocks: some guests are fine with a little hair, others like it ultra-slick. But what if there’s so much hair that you’re almost dealing with “butt hair dreadlocks“? Think of all the risks: from a lot of sweat to the danger of certain ‘things’ sticking…. time for action!

By the way, shaving your anus sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it? But shaving your buttock is not that complicated and can be done safely!

By the way, from an aesthetic point of view, completely shaving your buttocks is a great idea; if you shave your pubic hair or trim your balls completely smooth, why not go further down and back?

Yes, women also have butt hair and no, waxing, waxing or lasering butt hair is a very bad idea. So pay attention; this is your ass cape!

Whatever your reason for shaving your butt bare; it’s vital that you prepare properly and have the right materials on hand.

Because you have NO SPACE FOR FAILURE, JUST NOT – so keep reading so you can get started later without risk!

And no, your butt hair will not grow faster if you shave it more often. Just like your pubic hair!

The five-step plan to trim or shave your butthair

1. Take a shower

Before you start mowing your ass, it is wise to check that your work area is clean and tidy. We all know what takes place in the areas where you start working so we don’t have to explain to you that any bacteria left behind should absolutely not be spread around.

So our advice is to start in the shower and start with mild soap and water. The warm water of the shower also helps in making the skin and hair supple and opens the pores making shaving a lot easier.

And speaking of hygiene, make sure your equipment is clean and sanitary as well. Preferably use a trimer from BALZY.

2. Find the right angle

This is a very personal one for each individual. The most important thing when shaving your butt is to find a spot and position where you can easily reach your work area. And make sure you are stable – You do NOT want to slip or slip and gift yourself a 2nd butt hole.

You can adopt a squat position or lean on the bathtub with 1 leg, or even sit opposite the mirror. Don’t expect beauty; this part of your body is not really cute.

3. Pull it tight

Good, time to loosen up. Once everything is clean and you are in a nice spot you can get started: pull your buttocks apart tightly with 1 hand. Use your other hand to remove the hairs. Work thoroughly: The fewer “bumps” the better!

4. Trim & Shave slow and careful

If you have already come this far, there is absolutely no question of rushing. Shave slowly and carefully in small movements. The BALZY trimmers are designed to properly shave these kinds of tricky and sensitive areas, such as your butt.

The trimmers from BALZY are designed to shave your butt hair. So use it to your advantage, you already have the best tool in your hands!

5. Rise, dry & give some love

If you are satisfied with the smoothness of your butt then it is time to finish. After shaving, it is important that you rinse everything well with warm water and dry gently and with care. Of course, as an extra, you can also use a conditioning after-shave balm.

Frequently made mistakes when trimming butthair

For clarity: Shaving your butt is a pretty sensitive job, so it’s important to be intentional about it. A lot can go wrong, but use the tips below to avoid disaster:

  • Take it easy. You’re not in a hurry: You’re not driving next to Max Verstappen in a Formula 1 race, please!
  • Don’t start if you don’t have enough time to do it GOOD. Call of Duty can wait… in all honesty: This is your call of duty. Haste creates mistakes, and making mistakes while shaving your butt hair can have disastrous consequences.
  • Are you embarrassed for thinking about shaving your butt hair? DON’T WORRY. Every person has hair in that spot…. heroes take care of this body area too!

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